ECHE 2021-2027

On March 12, 2021, the European Commission granted the ECHE letter to I.E.S. Valle del Jerte as a Higher Education Center, which allows our students and teachers of Higher Level Training Cycles to participate in mobility actions.

This accreditation is a continuation of the ECHE charter granted in 2014. We will continue to develop smoothly collaborations with educational and work centers of the Erasmus + Higher Education program.

By having this accreditation, our students will be able to take the Workplace Training module in companies located in other countries of the European Union. Recent graduates also have the opportunity to carry out official internships. This is to contribute to the development and professional and cultural integration of these students, to the promotion of knowledge of new languages ​​and other cultures and to the acquisition of skills to be able to integrate into the European labor market at the end of their studies.

You can obtain more information and consult the experience of some of the students who have already benefited from this project on the Erasmus + website of the Training Cycles


You can check the Erasmus policies at the following link: