Announcement for trainees

Here are the steps to follow during the selection process and preparation of Erasmus mobility.

1. Call opening

‘IES Valle del Jerte’  opens the annual call for submission of applications from  students who want to participate in the selection process.

2. Conditions applicable

Students interested in participating in this program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be nationals of a country participating in the LLP (LLP) of the European Union or third countries, in which case you must prove you have a valid permit to reside in Spain during the period of the mobility.
  • Have a knowledge of written and spoken English (or another language) enough to develop satisfactorily internship at the destination country.
  • Be enrolled in this school.
  • Have the posibility to do the traineeships in the third quarter of the following academic year, or do the traineeships during the next year after finishing your studies.

3. Documentation

The student must submit to his/her tutor of the traineeships the following documentation:

  • APPLICATION for participation in the program.
  • Curriculum vitae in Spanish and English (or the language in which they want to participate in the project). Europass is recommended to be delivered too.
  • Documents proving the knowledge of foreign languages.

4. Selection of candidates

After the reception of all applications to participate in the program, and knowned the number of mobilities granted, the selection of candidates will be carried out, based on the following criteria:

  • Documentation submitted, correctly and on time.
  • Year’s academic record.
  • Written and oral test in the language corresponding to the requested country.
  • Attitude, fitness, responsibility, maturity, commitment to the program …

The selection of beneficiaries is done from a joint assessment of the criteria above.

The list of selected applicants is published in the notice board of the IES Valle del Jerte. In addition each candidate will be informed via email.