Selected students for traineeships


The selected students must prepare the following documents:

1. Before joining the company

  • Grant Agreement signed by the ‘IES Valle del Jerte’ and the student, which regulates the duration, financing, payment, bank details of the student and where the student agrees to return or refund all or part of the grant in case of not meeting the contractual conditions.
  • Practices Agreement, containing the training program the student must develop in the company (signed by the three parties: ‘IES Valle del Jerte’, student and business) and the commitment to quality, where the three parties undertake to respect the principles of quality.
  • Health Insurance (EHIC).
  • Liability Insurance.
  • Repatriation and Accident Insurance.

2. During practice

  • Student must complete tracking sheets weekly, to be delivered after his return to Spain.

3. At the end of traineeships

  • Stay Final Certificate, the host company will provide the student a certificate with duration of the traineeship.
  • Final Report of the Student, which must be filled out by the student within 30 days after the end of the traineeship.

Language policy

Students who have been granted a mobility have the possibility to start an English course, in which they can improve their language skills. It is taught out of school hours by a native teacher, from the beginning of the course to their departure to the foreign country.

Before starting the mobility, a native has several meetings with students to talk about the culture, customs and habits of the new country.


The mentor at the school are in permanent contact with the students to track their learning and resolve any questions or problems they may have. Students communicate with their tutor in Spain through emails, phone, etc. …

Also there is a responsible person at the company to be in charge of the students during traineeships. The mentor at the school and the responsible person at the company are communicated regularly to ensure the proper development of training at the company.